Fethiye Centrum:

Fethiye is located in South West mediterranean Turkey, connected to all other cities by three highways and reached very easily. Dalaman International Airport is as close as 54 km. to the town centre. During the tourist season one can find many flights from major european cities to Fethiye besides the domestic flights throughout the year by Turkish Airlines. Additionnaly Antalya Airport, three hours drive to Fethiye, is another departure point.

Fethiye seaport with its sheltered natural structure is an important stop for yachtsmen. A new modern marina project will be realised soon for a large number of yachts with all facilities on the other end at the bay.

The whole region excluding Fethiye and Esen lowlands is covered with high mountains forming the southwestern spurs of the Taurus Range. These mountains exceeding 2000 metres extend the coastline. On a sunny winter day it is a real pleasure to view the pine forsts and snow capped peaks with the clear blue sky. Besides the refreshing woody slopes with thyme, sage, laurel and pine trees the exceptional incense forest is an other peculiarity of the Fethiye region. Covering a 100 hectare area the incense forest is an ideal campsite and a picnic area. Balsan obtained from incense trees has pharmaceutical and cosmetic value and it is also used to fumigate mosques and churches.

Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters prevails in the region temperatures are approximately 30 C in summers and usually not less than 12 C in winters. Seawater temperature is hardly below 17 C all year round.

25°C 27°C 32°C 35°C 35°C 32°C 27°C
77°F 81°C 90°F 95°F 95°F 90°C 81°C
40 36 13 3 3 11 46
18 19 22 24 26 25 23


Göcek, is a Harbour where a cup of coffee shared with the nieghbouring boat results in the establishment of warmest friendships. Within the Fethiye Bay, the caves and islands around Göcek offer the blue voyagers a pleasant natural and historical sightseeing tour.

It is believed that Göcek was the city of Daidalos in the antique period. In the records of Strabo and Heredot, Daidalos is mentioned as a Lycian Port. Unfortunately, due to earthquakes in the antique period. not much has survived to our times from the city.

Kaya Village:

Beyond the Fethiye fortress going south, if you follow the the road climbing up to the slope some 7 km. you can come to a magnificent lowland where Anatolian Greeks had lived until 1922. Greeks called the Town Levissi in the past. Kaya Village in the year 1922 during the exchange of Turks in Thrace evacuated and the new residents did not take up the existing houses. Kaya become a Ghost Town as an abandoned town after 1923.

2 churches, chapels, numerous houses, schools, library, hospital, workshops and the other structures will be renovated soon according to a project which is made by The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and The Chamber Of Turkish Architects. After the renovation, Kaya Village will serve as the place of `Peace & Friendship Village` and will be protected forever.


Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Belcekiz Beach are known as `Blue Lagoon` in the world. Colourful holiday complexes with lush gardens, campsites and hotels provide a large capacity of accomadation for tourists. `World Heritage` Babadag hugs the area with its floral richness. After half an hour driving to the summit of Babadag, you can have an opportunity to fly single or Tandem, paragliding and land softly on Belcekiz Beach. Babadag and Belcekiz is famous worldwide as a centre for paragliders.Explore Blue Lagoon(Ölüdeniz) where the calm crystal water is ideal for swimming and other water sports. Blue Lagoon is located near the famous tourist resort of Fethiye, Belcekiz Beach and protected as one of the natural parks of Turkey.

Ovacik Village:

Ovacik resort is located 4 km. from Ölüdeniz on the way to Fethiye. Cool breezes and common fine Mountain & Forest view caress its hotels and holiday villages. Located at the food of the Babadag. It is a delightful holiday centre, where we can feel the refreshing offshore breeze even during the hot summer days.

Çalis Beach:

Çalis, which is a residential , is situated 5 km north of Fethiye. With its kilometres of beach and cool evenings in the heat of the summer. Çalis is especially noted for its unique sunsets. Further down from Çalis, Kargi, with its beautiful beach and incense trees, is a newly developing site with a number of hotels and holiday villages.

Since 95 million years Caretta Caretta lives on the earth. Because of the pollution of the sea and the beaches there is the danger that this species will become extinct. One of 17 nesting areas in the mediterranean is Çalis Beach. Since 1992 voluntary national and international groups are working for the protection of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta...

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